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Communion Cards

Communion Cards

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Christian conversation cards

Each pack contains 50 cards featuring:

  • 45 question cards
  • 5 activation cards

About Communion Cards:
You want your small group meetings, family gatherings, and talks with friends to be meaningful. Too often, you're stuck with the same surface-level conversations, leaving you longing for depth and connection. 

Introducing Communion Cards: A transformative tool that guides you into deeper and authentic connections. Simply draw a card and let the questions lead the way. 

No more mundane discussions. It's time to experience the richness of communion with God and others. Let the journey to deeper connections begin.

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  • 45 question cards that encourage connection each paired with a relevant Bible verse.

  • 5 activation cards that get you out of your comfort zone to bless others.

  • Great for small groups, date night, Bible study, family gatherings, and more!

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"These cards are outstanding! The questions not only deepens my understanding but also sharpens my beliefs by hearing diverse perspectives. Truly a meaningful experience!" - Olivia

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