God gave him the right message

"We never know how much just one Pop Open Card can impact someone we meet. We may be tempted to think the other person will not appreciate the card or is too busy to take time to receive and open a promise from God. But we would be wrong. I can’t tell you how many times people will tell me they have saved the card they received from me or have every card I’ve ever given them! Recently I was emailing a commercial real estate broker from another town in our state. He had been working with our non-profit to find a piece of land. I only met him once when he came to visit well after the deal was done. He was just passing through but wanted to come to our office to thank us for working with him. I felt impressed to give him one of the Pop Open Cards I had with me. He graciously accepted it with little comment. Almost six months later I was emailing him and he told me that the card was very special to him and he kept it with him at all times. I don’t know what the card said, but obviously, God gave him the right message and it still resonated with him months later. I’ve learned to always have some cards on me and to give them to anyone I meet. I trust God will give the right one to the right person at the right time. It truly is a grand adventure." – Chad

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Pop Open Cards vs Biblical Tracts

“I wanted to reiterate something I already told you. These cards are amazing!!!!! Again, when people say to me, 'This is exactly what is going on in my life right now!' it just fuels me to continue to hand them out. Also, there are a few people in Christian ministry that do not completely understand this card ministry. Some call them 'tracts' and have told me tracts are not handed out anymore. To me, there is a difference between the tracts and these cards. Because some people who are studying the Bible all day, do not understand that this is God's message to you at this moment. They just go to the Bible. 'Tracts' do not seem to be as personal as these cards can be. Of course, you guys know this already!!! There have been people that know the Bible better than I do, that quote scripture to me quite often, that used to ask me for cards at work before I was reprimanded for handing them out because the Lord speaks to them through these cards. And, as you know, you don't have to say a word to someone. You just let the Holy Spirit work through the cards to reach the recipient. Thank you for making them available!!! For people that are not natural evangelists, it does open the door for future conversations.” – Deb

God’s word never returns void

"I can’t tell you how thankful we are for these cards. They have opened more doors of ministry for us! We recently had an opportunity at a 'Mall' to set up a table with items from our church. We handed these cards out to everyone who would take one. People would stand there with tears in their eyes reading them. Most of the time it was like we had handpicked the one that applied to exactly what they were walking through. I love the fact, it's just 'The Word of God'. We have most of our church passing these out, what a wonderful tool! The one time I handed one to our bank teller, she had just lost a loved one, she was too busy to talk to me the day I gave it to her. When I came in a few days later, she wasn’t even waiting on me, but she came over to me with that card in her hand saying 'How did you know?' God is so faithful! Last year it took us a year to hand out 1000, this year they are gone in a month! If you have never used these, you have to try them. God’s word NEVER returns void! Thank you!" – Sharon

Evangelizing without being obnoxious

"The greatest thing since sliced bread for ministering without ministering. Everyone loves these cards. I have clients that fight over them. It’s all about evangelizing without being obnoxious and these cards are perfect. I add a stick-on business address and comment on mine that I have made at a local printer. I then peel and stick my company logo and statement on each card. Just a little work but well worth it. Pray you’re making these until Jesus comes back." – Frank

"This Is Just What I Needed Today."

"I love these cards. They are so easy to hand out. Only a few people seem to be ambivalent about them, but they take them anyway. I have had wonderful reactions to them. Many say 'this is just what I needed today.' One store clerk hollered at me across the store as I was leaving 'I needed this today. Thank you!' My favorite story is of the Pilot Truck Stop clerk who said 'you’re the one who gave me this a month or so ago! I have it by my bed and read it every day!' We had traveled through her store for Thanksgiving and again at Christmas time. She received two that day. It is so nice to know that God picks the one I hand to each person for their blessing." – Melissa

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