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A Deep Dive into Jeremiah 17 - Heart vs. Head in Faith

In a world where logic often reigns supreme, Bishop Joseph L. Garlington, Sr. presents a compelling argument for the power of the heart in spiritual pursuits. Drawing from a sermon, Bishop Joseph Garlington underscores the profound difference between our intellectual mind and our heart, especially in matters of faith.



The Tug of War: Heart vs. Head

From the start of his sermon, Bishop Garlington weaves a narrative that pits the heart against the head. It's not a battle in the traditional sense but a gentle reminder of the different roles each plays. We often lean on our intellectual abilities to make sense of the world. Still, the Bishop argues that there are spiritual experiences, feelings, and realizations that our minds might not fully grasp, but our hearts deeply understand.

The Unseen Reality of Faith

Drawing an analogy between physicists—who believe in unseen elements—and people of faith, Garlington paints a vivid picture. Just as physicists accept concepts they can't see, faith asks us to believe in a higher power and spiritual realities beyond our comprehension.

Stories of Healing and Insight

Among the most compelling segments of the sermon was the story of a woman healed from a skin condition through spiritual vision. This tale isn't just about physical healing; it's a testament to the profound depths of spiritual insights and the transformative power they can have.

The Heart's Wisdom

Diving deeper, Garlington champions the heart's wisdom over the intellect's. While our brains analyze, deduce, and make sense of information, our hearts harbor emotions and experiences that mold our lives. By listening to our hearts, we unlock a different kind of wisdom that can guide our spiritual journeys.

The Misinterpretation of Scriptures

The Bishop doesn't shy away from challenging conventional beliefs. By examining scriptures, especially those referencing the "deceitful heart," he offers fresh perspectives. He encourages believers to consider context, asserting that some scriptures might address specific situations rather than making blanket statements about all human hearts.

Concluding Thoughts

Bishop Garlington's teachings, infused with humor and deep insights, beckon believers to trust the heart's spiritual compass. While the intellect is a powerful tool, the heart has its unique, divine language that resonates with God's mysteries. In a world that often prioritizes reason over emotion, perhaps it's time to sit back, reflect, and let our hearts lead the way.

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