The Magnificent Impact and Empowering Testament - Pop Open Cards

The Magnificent Impact and Empowering Testament

Every so often, we encounter stories that touch our souls, inspire us to act, and remind us of the profound ways small gestures can make a big difference. Deborah's journey with Pop Open Cards is one such story that showcases the immense power of sharing the Gospel in simple yet impactful ways.

Deborah's Experience Using Pop Open Cards:

Deborah from New York called in, sharing her stories about using Pop Open Cards. She has handed them out at parades. She remembers one 4th of July parade in 2019, where she handed out over 600 cards. She handed them out at her workplace for two years until HR stopped her because someone complained, but most of her coworkers enjoyed the cards so much that they continued to ask her for one. Some even tell her to leave them in her desk drawer, and they will come to get one so she isn't handing them out. She reminds us that when she first started using the cards, we warned her as she handed them out, people would come up to her the next time asking for "their card." The warning came true. She has people constantly asking for a card from her. She hears people say repeatedly: "This is exactly what is going on in my life today." Deborah shares that not everyone wants the card. Once she was handing Pop Open Cards out to store clerks at a local Dollar Store. One clerk didn't seem too interested and put it in her pocket. When she returned to the store, the clerk reminded her she had given her a card. She hadn't looked at it but gave it to a fellow employee who was going through a hard time, and when that employee opened it, she cried. We never know what God will do with these cards and who they will touch. Deborah continues to buy Pop Open Cards, but now she always orders 1,000 at a time!


Generous Act of Sharing

Based in the vibrant city of New York, Deborah began a beautiful journey of spreading love, hope, and faith using Pop Open Cards. These aren't just ordinary cards; they are vessels of the Gospel's message, carefully crafted to touch the hearts of those who receive them.

One might think the bustling streets of New York during the 4th of July parade are all about celebrations and fireworks, but for Deborah. It became an avenue to hand out over 600 Pop Open Cards. Her enthusiasm didn't stop there. The workplace, often a space where personal and professional boundaries are meticulously maintained, became another platform for her to share the Gospel's message. Even when faced with challenges, Deborah's spirit was undeterred. Many of her coworkers, touched by the timely messages in the cards, ingeniously found ways to continue receiving them.




The Pop Open Cards Affect

A fascinating aspect of Deborah's story is the "warning" she received. We often say that once you start giving out these cards, people would invariably return asking for "their card." True to the prediction, Deborah found herself being approached repeatedly by those eager for another nugget of wisdom and hope from the Gospel.

Many have remarked to Deborah how the message they received seemed to be precisely tailored for the challenges or situations they were facing that very day.


The Unpredictable Journey of the Cards

However, it's essential to remember that while the cards have touched many, there are instances when they might not receive immediate appreciation. Deborah recalls her visit to a local Dollar Store, where she handed out these cards to the store clerks. While one clerk seemed indifferent, the card's journey took a twist. It ended up with another employee going through a challenging phase, evoking deep emotions and offering solace.

Deborah's anecdote is a beautiful reminder that we can never truly predict the course and the impact of our actions. What might seem like a simple card given to a stranger could be the very message that someone else needs to hear. This unpredictability is the magic of sharing the Gospel, the profound understanding that God works in mysterious ways, touching lives when and where it's most needed.


Deborah's Unwavering Commitment

Deborah's commitment to spreading the Gospel's message through Pop Open Cards is evident. Starting from a handful, she now orders them by the thousands, an undeniable testament to their impact and her unwavering faith.


Your Turn to Make a Difference

Inspired by Deborah's story? Here's the thing: the journey of sharing the Gospel, of making a difference, begins with a single step.

Whether it's by ordering your set of Pop Open Cards or finding other unique ways to share the message, the essence lies in starting.

Remember, each card is more than just paper; it's a message, a hope, a prayer. It's a testament to the timeless power of the Gospel and the myriad ways it can touch lives.

So, take that step today. Let Deborah's journey inspire you, and let every card you hand out carry forward the legacy of love, hope, and faith. Because, in the end, it's these small gestures that truly make a world of difference.

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