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The Power of Sharing the Gospel

In an era where digital interactions often overshadow face-to-face connections, the age-old adage that "actions speak louder than words" remains true. This sentiment is beautifully illustrated in Sharon's heartwarming experience with Pop Open Cards. Her story emphasizes the power of the written word and serves as an inspirational call to action for all those eager to share the Gospel's message in contemporary yet touching ways.


Sharon's Experience Using Pop Open Cards:

"I can't tell you how thankful we are for Pop Open Cards. They have opened more doors of ministry for us! We recently had an opportunity at a "mall" to set up a table with items from our church. We handed these cards out to everyone who would take one. People would stand there with tears in their eyes, reading them. Most of the time, it was like we had handpicked the one that applied to exactly what they were walking through. I love the fact it's just "the Word of God." We have most of our church passing these out. What a wonderful tool! The one time I handed one to our bank teller, she had just lost a loved one, she was too busy to talk to me the day I gave it to her. When I came in a few days later, she wasn't even waiting on me, but she came over to me with that card in her hand, saying, "How did you know?" God is so faithful! Last year, it took us a year to hand out 1,000; this year, they are gone in a month! If you have never used these, you have to try them. God's word NEVER returns void! Thank you!" - Sharon

Gift of Connection

Sharon's journey with Pop Open Cards is nothing short of transformative. These cards, containing powerful verses and messages from the Bible, became a bridge connecting her, her church, and the community in profound ways.

One of the standout moments from her experience was an event at a mall. Here, Sharon and her church set up a stall and used these cards as a medium to connect with passersby. What transpired was beyond just distributing cards: it was a moment of shared emotions, of connections made, and of barriers broken down. Many recipients were moved to tears, feeling as though the message they received was tailor-made for their current life situation.

It's a testament to the universality of the Gospel's message and its power to resonate with everyone, regardless of where they are in life.


Jesus Calling book with stack of Pop Open Cards

God's Timing is Always Right

Another poignant moment in Sharon's narrative is her encounter with the bank teller. On the surface, it was a simple gesture — handing over a Pop Open Card. But the subsequent reaction of the teller, who had recently experienced a loss, magnified the importance and timeliness of Sharon's act. The teller's question, "How did you know?" underscores the profound ways in which God works, often using us as instruments of His love and compassion.


The Ripple Effect of Sharing the Gospel

If one thing is evident from Sharon's experience, it's the multiplier effect of such gestures. From taking a year to distribute a thousand cards to running out in just a month, these cards' growing reach and impact is palpable. As Sharon rightfully points out, "God's word NEVER returns void!"


How You Can Share the Gospel with Pop Open Cards

Inspired by Sharon's journey? Here are steps to help you embark on your own:

  1. Embrace the Medium: Sharon's story clearly illustrates the power of Pop Open Cards. Get a bundle of Pop Open Cards and embrace the potential they hold.

  2. Distribute with Genuine Intent: It's not about handing out as many cards as possible but ensuring that each card is given with genuine care and intent. Pray over them, ask for guidance, and let the Holy Spirit lead your distribution.

  3. Encourage Community Participation: As in Sharon's case, where her entire church got involved, rally your community or congregation. The collective energy amplifies the impact.

  4. Listen and be Amazed: Just as Sharon listened to recipients' reactions, be open to hearing their stories. These interactions are what make the entire process rewarding and affirming.

  5. Trust in the Process: Remember, it's not just about the act of handing out Pop Open Cards but believing in the power of God's Word within!


Harnessing the Power of the Word

Sharon's experience with Pop Open Cards is a testament to the Gospel's timeless and universal appeal. In a world saturated with fleeting digital interactions, these cards emerge as a beacon of hope, connection, and faith.

If you're looking for a simple yet impactful way to share the Gospel, consider Pop Open Cards. Sharon's story is proof that even in our modern world, the ancient and powerful word of God continues to touch souls in the most unexpected and beautiful ways.

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