“This Is Just What I Needed Today.” - Pop Open Cards

“This Is Just What I Needed Today.”

We've all felt the sudden surge of inspiration that comes from receiving a little unexpected note of encouragement. For some, it's a small push to get through the day, while for others, it's a reminder that they're valued and loved. Melissa's story about using Pop Open Cards to spread positivity and share the Gospel proves that small gestures can leave lasting impressions.

Pop Open Cards are small surprise Bible verse cards with hundreds of variations of photos, Bible verses, and encouraging words. No one truly knows what message is inside each Pop Open Card. One way people love to use Pop Open Cards is to hand them out randomly, serving as unexpected rays of sunshine for the recipient.

Melissa found these cards to be the perfect medium to spread love and light to those around her. While many things in the world can be daunting and complex, her story reminds us that the act of sharing God's love and hope can be as simple as handing someone a card.


Melissa's Experience Using Pop Open Cards:

"I love Pop Open Cards. They are so easy to hand out. Only a few people seem to be ambivalent about them, but they take them anyway. I have had wonderful reactions to them. Many say “this is just what I needed today.” One store clerk hollered at me across the store as I was leaving “I needed this today. Thank you!” My favorite story is of the Pilot Truck Stop clerk who said “you’re the one who gave me a Pop Open Card a month or so ago! I have it by my bed and read it every day!” We had traveled through her store for Thanksgiving and again at Christmas time. She received two that day. It is so nice to know that God picks the one I hand to each person for their blessing." - Melissa


The Ripple Effect

What stands out in Melissa's story is not just the immediate joy these cards bring but their lasting impact. The Pilot Truck Stop clerk's story, in particular, serves as a testament to this. A single Pop Open Card, handed out in passing, became a daily source of encouragement and inspiration for her. Such is the transformative power of love and the Gospel.

Now, you may be thinking, "That's wonderful for Melissa, but can I do the same?" The answer is a resounding YES!

 Pop Open Cards

Sharing the Gospel Through Small Gestures

While Melissa used Pop Open Cards, the essence of her story lies not in the cards themselves but in the act of reaching out. The Gospel, at its core, is about love, hope, and redemption. And you don't need grand gestures to convey these messages. Whether it's through Pop Open Cards, handwritten notes, or just a heartfelt compliment, every one of us has the power to brighten someone's day and, perhaps, even change their life.

The beauty of such acts lies in their simplicity. There's no pressure for grandeur or perfection. It's the intention, the act of reaching out with love and hope, that truly matters.


Your Call to Action

Feeling inspired by Melissa's story? Here's your challenge: Find your own way to share the Gospel. You don't necessarily have to use Pop Open Cards, though they are a fantastic starting point. The key is to be genuine, thoughtful, and open. Remember, it's not about the size of the gesture but the love with which it's delivered.

Start small. Maybe hand out a few notes to strangers or leave an encouraging message on someone's desk. The reactions, as Melissa found, can be profoundly touching.

To conclude, Melissa's journey with Pop Open Cards serves as a shining example of the ripple effect a simple act of kindness can create. It reminds us that we all have the power to spread the Gospel's message of love and hope. And with such a powerful tool at our disposal, why wouldn't we share it with the world?

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